Spa Marvel Water Treatment


Spa Marvel Natural Water Treatment & Conditioner

Spa Marvel is a completely natural and safe alternative to traditional hot tub water care. Spa Marvel solves most spa water problems naturally, without the hassle and danger of using multiple spa chemicals.


Spa Marvel is a unique formulation of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts. It contains no chlorine, bromine or other harsh chemicals. Spa Marvel is made with seaweed, lanolin and other natural compounds, as well as Vitamins C, D & E which are excellent for skin conditioning. Frequent hot tub use will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is arguably the easiest to use and safest water treatment system available. Your spa water will be softer, clearer, with no odors, no foam and no irritation to the eyes and skin. Spa Marvel can act as a replacement for, or greatly reduce the need for most other hot tub chemicals.

  • Spa Marvel is gentle to your skin and hair.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and silky
  • Your spa water will be so soft & clean, you wonÕt feel the need to shower after using your hot tub.
  • Spa Marvel conditions your spa water naturally for sensitive skin.
  • Spa Marvel will reduce or eliminate scum lines.
  • Helps balances the pH & alkalinity of your spa water.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed with all Spa Marvel products.

Just empty one bottle of Spa Marvel into you spa or hot tub water and enjoy the natural benefits for up to three months.

Great for those that are:

Chemical intolerant - Traditional spa treatment causes itching, rashes odours or coughing.

Eco-conscious - People who are looking for an alternative to soaking in traditional spa treatment chemicals.

Absentee spa owners - People with vacation homes, frequent travelers and other people who are not always available (or forget) to tend to daily, weekly, or monthly spa water maintenance.

"Water Treatment Challenged" - People who have difficulty following the traditional spa-water treatment regimen.

ÒSpa Marvel is excellent. It eliminates the hassle of using chemicals every day. We just pour one bottle in and enjoy our spa.The best thing is that it virtually eliminates foaming, chemical smells and harshness.To me, Spa Marvel means crystal clean, care free water.Ó

Spa Marvel:

Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity, so youÕre not constantly testing and adding adjusting products.

Prevents scale buildup from occurring, so that you donÕt need to use stain and scale control products.

Descales deep-seated buildup that can accumulate over time from regular use, especially in hard-water areas, resulting in stronger jets, quieter pumps, more efficient heaters and overall greater longevity of your equipment.

Prevents hard-water and scum rings from occurring around the edge of the tub.

Eliminates foam in a few hours without the use of defoaming agents.

Is odourless so you wonÕt want to or need to shower when you get out of the tub.

Has natural skin moisturizing conditioners that soften skin. People with eczema and psoriasis love using Spa Marvel as it actually improves their condition, it gets them off of the medicated creams that they are paying for, rather than irritate and dry them out the way that chemicals can.